Most teachers believe teaching is about teaching.  It is not. Teaching is about helping others learn; learn with clarity, learn completely, learn so thoroughly that they could teach, and learn so precisely that they remember.  Chubby (my dad) called it “no oatmeal.”  

In 2011, I was honored by our local law school as “Professor of the Year” because of a new, “no oatmeal” method of teaching I developed.  One of my great passions is the pursuit of more effective, more engaging and more precise ways to take the oatmeal out of teaching and learning.


“Most law schools teach using the Socratic method.  You read cases to learn the law.  It’s time consuming, but an important method to help you learn to think like a lawyer.  At 1L-101, however, we believe there are no medals for learning law the hard way.

As a 1L, your first 45 days of law school are critical.  Your professors will form an opinion of you, and your study habits.  Study groups will be formed with your peers.  The impression you make those first 45 days will likely set the tone for your career as a law student.

Together with a group of my brightest law students, we’ve compiled the cases and concepts most every law student learns their first 45 days of law school.  We call them 1L-45.  They’re presented in just-a-few-minute lawcasts, and designed to help you take the lead, and keep the lead, in law school.

We’ve posted a few sample lawcasts for you below to listen and learn.  Our 1L-45 series of lawcasts is so unique, we have no competition.  When you arrive at law school, armed with this information, that’s what they’ll say about you.” 


“Professor Hague is incredibly engaging. His talent to take complicated issues and explain these to 1L’s is a gift.”

“Professor Hague was able to explain complex concepts by presenting them in context of real world applications.”

“The concepts we learned we substantiated with real world examples which helped convey true understanding to the students. With such a large amount of subject matter to cover, the professor was excellent at exploring the fundamental concepts before delving into details.”

“For my first year of law school, I thought this would be my most difficult subject area, having little past knowledge of anything related to contracts. That being said, Greg has enlightened me as to the world of contracts in a way that was easy to comprehend, and apply to real life situations.”

“Professor Hague’s ability to convey legal thinking as opposed to just spouting facts and issues is uncanny.”

“Enthusiasm for subject matter and student learning experiences was fantastic. A wonderful professor and I’m grateful to have him as a first semester first year student. Excellent first experience in law school.”

“He is an excellent professor and an incredible ‘bright spot’ in my first semester of law school.”

“Professor Hague made it fun, interesting, and showed us a true passion for being a lawyer, something that no other professor has done. I can’t say enough good things about Greg.”

“Thank you Hague for making my first year of law school so great.”