Chubby Is Proud

My dad started a real estate firm in Cincinnati, Ohio when I was very young. Over the next 30 years he built it up to seven offices and over 300 agents. So, I literally grew up in the real estate business. After I graduated law school, I decided it would be a lot more fun to work with my dad in real estate than clocking “billable hours” at a law firm. 

I sold real estate for many years and after a while I realized I was pretty darn good at it! At one point I was ranked as the number one agent in my state and in the top 25 Realtors out of about a million agents nationwide. 

So how did I become so successful so quickly?

The main reason for my success was that I had a very different goal when compared to my competitors. Every agent I knew seemed to have the primary focus of getting more listings and making more sales. Of course I was interested in selling more homes too, but what really fueled my passion was figuring out how I could sell my clients’ homes at higher prices to put more money in their pockets. 

I really believed I could make a difference, and I also believed there were certain unique things I could do when marketing and showing homes that would cause more buyers to make higher offers. So, I was always trying new strategies and techniques. Some worked. Some didn’t. But little did I know that all the things that did work would culminate into what is now 72SOLD!

Today the program consists of 10 proprietary steps. Steps 1-3 attract more buyers to the home, steps 4-6 get buyers more excited about and more committed to buying the home, steps 7-9 generate higher offers, and step 10 helps prevent buyers from making unfair repair requests, saving sellers money during the inspection period.

I officially branded and launched the 72SOLD Program just four years ago in my home state of Arizona. Since then the results have been nothing short of astounding. I am so proud to say that five independent studies over the past three years in several cities showed that sellers who use the 72SOLD Program had a median sale price that averaged 8.4% to 12% higher than other homes sold in their local MLS. Even in today’s more difficult market, the last study, for Q4 of 2022, showed that our sellers’ prices averaged 9.1% above the MLS median. 

Last year (2022) we won the Award for Corporate Excellence for being the most innovative company in our industry. We have  over 1800 five star Google reviews and were just ranked among the top 300 fastest growing companies in America by Inc. 5000.

I am well known for advocating that our industry is in desperate need of change. There are too many Realtors who are trained on how to get more business as opposed to how to do business better, which means to generate higher prices for sellers. That’s what 72SOLD is all about. 

I am proud to announce that on Monday, January 2, 72SOLD went national with TV commercials airing in every city across the country. And Sunday, January 8th we had two nationally televised commercials on the CBS afternoon NFL football game. With my amazing team, I spent the last six months training over 5000 agents across the country on how to use this program to generate higher prices for their sellers. 

On New Year’s Day I was in the office until 7 pm preparing for our national TV launch the next morning. I wore my dad’s (Chubby’s) favorite cufflinks (pictured below). I believe Chubby is proud.