It’s important to be educated. It’s essential to be smart. There is a difference. 

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It’s really dumb to think you’re smart.

Over the years I’ve observed highly educated people making really bad decisions. I’ve also seen people with a minimal education achieve meteoric success! There really is a difference between being educated and being smart. That’s what I write about.

The Scarcity Box

“Value is more expensive than price.” – Toba Beta  Ferrari’s stock valuation is roughly the same as GM’s – each around $30 billion. Yet Ferrari sells

How Smart Are The Attorneys? 

Life is full of a thousand red herrings, and it takes the history of a civilization to work out which are the red herrings, and


The media lambasted his suggestive gyrations as “obscene performances.” Cities refused to grant permits for him to perform. Music labels rejected him, one saying, “His music

Hang On Sloopy

Some things just keep… hanging on.   The girl (or guy) you asked out to the movie, and end up spending the rest of your life with. 

Honey Is Better Than Garbage

One beautiful summer day the tiger and the donkey were walking through the fields together. The donkey proclaimed to the tiger that the grass was

What Is Carefully Hidden

Did you hear about the man caught flashing the Chapel? To be precise, the Sistine Chapel.  Why would anyone commit such a lascivious act, especially

Competitive Synergy

It’s a hot and humid day on the ranch. Tex is working hard, but his Belgian horse is working harder, hauling goods and plowing fields. Tex

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