#1 Home Selling Strategist

Greg Hague is widely recognized as America’s #1 strategist for selling homes at higher prices.

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The Harvard of How To Sell Homes

For over 40 years, Greg Hague has been recognized for developing and training effective home selling strategy. His latest 12-step process leverages scarcity, social proof, fear of loss, and opportunity to sell homes at higher prices. Multiple independent studies have shown that Mr. Hague’s strategies result in 8%-12% average higher prices for home sellers.

Reckoning With The Past

The day is finally upon us. On August 1st the Arizona real estate market will get a much-needed revamp. I’ve written numerous articles about the class action

The Rat Park Experiment

Did you ever hear about the Rat Park Experiment? It was conducted by Canadian psychologist Bruce Alexander in the late 1970s to explore the causes of

Want to stay in a space hotel?

Humanity’s fascination with space has been a constant throughout history. From ancient civilizations that studied the stars to modern science fiction that envisions interstellar travel, space

Where Words Fail

I remember it like it was yesterday. The smoke-filled, rowdy, rough and tumble Boar’s Head Saloon in Oxford, Ohio. I was attending Miami University. I played

Each Arm Has a Mind of Its Own

Did you see The Shawshank Redemption? In this 1994 drama, Andy Dufresne (brilliantly played by Tim Robbins) escapes prison by methodically digging a 10 foot

Tricking Your Ear

When you see me in public at lunchtime, it’s probably at Houston’s restaurant. I eat there a few times a week. I am often approached by

Big Changes In Real Estate

There is very big news in real estate. If you are a regular reader of my articles, you know I have been covering some significant developments

You Gotta Want The Ball

Have you seen the 1996 golf movie Tin Cup, starring Kevin Costner? In one scene Costner’s character (Roy “Tin Cup” McAvoy) says to his caddy

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