It’s important to be educated. It’s essential to be smart. There is a difference. 

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It’s really dumb to think you’re smart.

Over the years I’ve observed highly educated people making really bad decisions. I’ve also seen people with a minimal education achieve meteoric success! There really is a difference between being educated and being smart. That’s what I write about.

The Lure of the Distant and Difficult

A father and his daughter were walking on the beach while on vacation in Hawaii. Suddenly  he turned to her and said, “Megan, have you ever felt

The Me I Didn’t Want To Be

Are you happy with your life? At 13, I thought I was. Then Chubby proved me wrong. Chubby was my dad. Plump as a kid, his

Kash’s Big Bargain Barn

In 1947 he was selling bibles door-to-door, proclaiming himself “World Champion Bible Salesman.” When challenged, he proved it by selling 170 Good Books in just

Chubby Is Proud

My dad started a real estate firm in Cincinnati, Ohio when I was very young. Over the next 30 years he built it up to seven

Jingle Jangle Rule

When I first got started in real estate, I worked for my father’s firm in Cincinnati, Ohio. One night Dad (nicknamed Chubby), and I were brainstorming

Chubby Rules for 2023

Though he was skinny like me, my dad’s nickname was Chubby. He was plump as a kid (like me), and the “Chubby” nickname stuck for

Seven Dimensional Thinking

In a small Italian town two hundred years ago, a reputable merchant owed a loan shark a huge sum of money. Because of the exorbitant interest

Happy Birthday Tex!

If you’ve ever traveled by motorcycle, you know stopping for gas can be time consuming. Dismount, take off your helmet and gloves, unzip your riding pants,

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