It’s important to be educated. It’s essential to be smart. There is a difference. 

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It’s really dumb to think you’re smart.

Over the years I’ve observed highly educated people making really bad decisions. I’ve also seen people with a minimal education achieve meteoric success! There really is a difference between being educated and being smart. That’s what I write about.

Try Bartering

Kyle McDonald wanted a house, but he had little savings and no job. He remembered a game from his childhood called Bigger and Better. The goal

If You Want To Innovate

I am a fan of Shark Tank, and particularly the outspoken, maverick entrepreneur and billionaire, Mark Cuban. He went from zero net worth to the

Make Your Own Rules

I have a sticky note on my bathroom mirror. It’s the first thing I see each morning… “I will not let tradition cage my ambition.” Several

The Best Letter Ever Written

It’s an iconic story of two young men. Picture a beautiful, spring afternoon 25 years ago. Two young men stand next to each other, graduating

Is It Really Your Life?

Did you ever have something incidental become monumental? It happened to me, thanks to my son. One single sentence. Just nine words. When I first heard it,

17 Camels

A long time ago in a far away land there was a father with three sons. When he fell ill, he knew it was time to

Taking Away The American Dream

We are experiencing the most unusual housing market in US history. I’ve never seen anything like it in my many years in real estate. It’s truly

The Ninth Pillar of Trust

It’s one of the most romantic scenes in movie history. Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) is teaching Rose (Kate Winslet) how to “fly” on the bow of the

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