It’s important to be educated. It’s essential to be smart. There is a difference. 

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It’s really dumb to think you’re smart.

Over the years I’ve observed highly educated people making really bad decisions. I’ve also seen people with a minimal education achieve meteoric success! There really is a difference between being educated and being smart. That’s what I write about.

Building A Ferrari

Last weekend Teresa and I were at our vacation home in Sedona. Somehow we got onto the subject of purses and out of curiosity I asked

Put Her In Hot Water

Sara was a good student at Florida State with a dream of becoming an attorney…until she took the dreaded LSAT to determine her aptitude for law

How High Is Your EI?

It’s a frigid, stormy night. The rain is pouring down in sheets, making it difficult to see the road ahead of you. You stop at a

Who Deserves My Loyalty

A father was helping his young son learn to fly a kite at the beach. The son complained, “Dad, I’m at the end of the

A Great Truth

As a boy, his father taught him how to train dogs to “stay on the scent” of a rabbit. In the morning he would set out

Live Your Life Without Them

He comes from a wealthy family, is attending Harvard, and plays ice hockey. Her family is working class but she attends Radcliffe and studies classical

How The Light Gets In

You may remember this iconic story I shared in an article about a year ago… *** An old Chinese farmer is tending to his field when

The Potato, The Egg, or The Coffee?

Candace is struggling. She is going through a bitter divorce, was laid off from a job she loved, and her two kids are fighting incessantly because

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