The Harvard of list-side real estate

In this expert 3-part series, Greg Hague teaches how to succeed in list-side real estate. Each week covers a new topic. This course runs from March 30th, 2023 through April 13, 2023.

a "harvard" of marketing for listings

You won’t succeed in list-side real estate if you don’t know how to cost-effectively market to prospective home sellers. That’s what you will learn in this 35-minute video.

The meticulosity walkthrough

Learn how to have sellers decide to list with you simply as a result of your initial walkthrough.

The Pricing Conversation & Setting the 8-Day Expectation

In this third installment of Greg Hague’s marketing webinar series, Greg explores the pricing conversation along with the importance of setting an 8-day expectation.

Greg Hague is the CEO of 72SOLD, recognized in the top 300 fastest-growing companies in America by Inc. 5000. 72SOLD offers a training program and marketing library that enables Realtors to sell homes in 8 days or less for thousands more than if they sold the traditional way. Five independent studies in multiple cities showed that homes sold by Realtors who used the 72SOLD program averaged 8.4%-12% higher sale prices. The 5,000+ 72SOLD Realtor members are among the top producing list-side agents in their markets, many earning over $1,000,000 a year because of the 72SOLD program.