nicest guy in the world

The Nicest Guy in the World

I’d like to introduce you to the nicest guy in the world.

About the nicest guy in the world

He doesn’t have an email address. He doesn’t mess with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or social media stuff. He’d rather put on his jeans, pull on his boots, and go out to make new friends the old fashioned way, in person.

Boots? Every day. Hat too. In a previous life he rode the rodeo circuit and some mighty mean bulls.

He sleeps with his dog and fawns over his wife. He never asks for anything. Ever. Except to be friends and how he can help you. Unlike many who say it, he means it.

His kids call everyone “sir.” Grandkids too. For 20 years I’ve told them they don’t have to call me sir. For 20 years they continue to politely say, “yes sir.”

When we eat out together, it’s impossible to wrangle away the tab. But watch out at breakfast, he’ll fork a pancake right off your plate.

What makes him the nicest guy in the world?

We’ve explored the U.S and Mexico together by motorcycle. If you ride, you know that gassing a motorcycle is more involved than with a car. You have to lean your bike close to the pump, be cautious not to slip on grease or oil, dismount, take off your helmet and gloves, unzip your riding pants, dig your wallet out of your jeans, unlock the tank cap, swipe your credit card, and avoid squirting gas on the tank. It’s a pain.

But not when you ride with the nicest guy in the world. He speeds up to pull in before you, then quickly gets off his bike and stands with nozzle in hand ready to fill your tank while you sit serenely on your bike.

Recommendations are often long, effusive and formal. Many years ago he wrote a recommendation for me that was the most creative I’ve ever received. In just nine words he stated, “I’d trust Greg with my wallet and my wife.”

Who is the nicest guy in the world?

Tex Earnhardt just celebrated his 88th birthday. Nothing formal. We met at his ranch to celebrate. It was Tex’s day, but he still kept trying to fetch soft drinks, carry our food to the table, and help in any way he could. That’s what nice guys do. It’s never about them. It’s always about you.

That’s how Tex started a small Ford dealership (3 cars) in 1951 and built it into one of the largest auto dealerships in America, with 17 brands and 22 locations. Check it out at

Tex has been my hero and inspiration since the day we met almost 30 years ago. He is the man I aspire to be.

Love you Tex. They don’t come better.

“It’s not true that nice guys finish last. Nice guys are winners before the game even starts.”
– Addison Walker