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“What I lack in smarts, I make up for in work…and given how hard I have to work, I must not be that smart!”–Greg hague

ODD Ducks

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.”– P.T. Barnum Do you occasionally run across people who seem a bit odd or unusual?

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Chicago Bears Time

Did you see the first NFL game of the season? It was a classic NFC North division matchup… Chicago v Green Bay.  This week I’d

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The $50 Dad

Today’s story is about my friend Phil, a fifty-dollar dad. He shared this story with me, and said I could share it with you. It’s about

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When Ignorance Is Bliss

CONFLICTING SIGNALS Do you ever sense that someone is thinking differently from what they’re saying? They smile. They say nice things. But you feel like

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when slander hurts

When slander hurts

When slander hurts, many of us find ourselves asking why. Two weeks ago, I wrote about a Paradise Valley Realtor who lied to take business

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disruptors make history

Disruptors make history

Disruptors make history. The word disrupt is a verb and has four definitions; one specifically for business. Disrupt [dis-ruhpt], to radically change (an industry, business

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