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“What I lack in smarts, I make up for in work…and given how hard I have to work, I must not be that smart!”–Greg hague

How Did I Live Without It?

Jay Papasan is a best selling author who was named one of the Most Powerful People in Real Estate. He co-authored several New York Times bestselling books

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A Marketing Misconception

Have you heard the joke that marketing is like sex? Every company thinks they’re good at it…but few actually are.  That joke is usually followed by a

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Kash’s Big Bargain Barn

In 1947 he was selling bibles door-to-door, proclaiming himself “World Champion Bible Salesman.” When challenged, he proved it by selling 170 Good Books in just

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Chubby Is Proud

My dad started a real estate firm in Cincinnati, Ohio when I was very young. Over the next 30 years he built it up to seven

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