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“What I lack in smarts, I make up for in work…and given how hard I have to work, I must not be that smart!”–Greg hague

dancing arthur murray

Dancing With The Facts

The year was 1968 and Audrey was a childless widow in her fifties who dreamed of dancing like Ginger Rogers. So when a friend invited her

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When I was 12 years old, I lived next door to the most beautiful girl in the world. Ok, maybe not the entire world, but

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huffy panther bmx bicycle

Special Skin

I didn’t have a dad growing up. Mom raised me, for the most part. I did have an uncle who was like my father. His

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Mark Cuban Shark Tank

Read The Frickin’ Manuals

I am a fan of Shark Tank, particularly outspoken, maverick entrepreneur and billionaire, Mark Cuban. We all know that Mark Cuban is a wildly successful businessman,

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1985 Air Jordans

Better, Faster, Cheaper

When my son Brian was seven, he asked Santa for 
a pair of basketball shoes. These weren’t just any basketball shoes. They were the latest, coolest,

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the downside of using Zillow

The Dark Side of Zillow

Every Realtor knows that Zillow’s Zestimates are often inaccurate. What many homeowners don’t know is that Zestimates can often prevent the sale of their home

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the path to success

The Oatmeal Curse

If you don’t say it with brevity, you don’t know it with clarity.” Are there times when you virtually bite your lip to keep from

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what's your story

What’s Your Story?

“Those who tell stories, rule the world.”-Plato My friend Megan recently told me a story about a difficult former boss, Gary. She explained that he

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The Power of Fear

Fear is your mind fast-forwarding to an event you see turning badly… it’s not really real. The key to defeating fear is reprogramming your mind

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